One Kyokushin? Never
Internet, especially Facebook, is full of people asking for One Kyokushin, for unity, for One family, like it was on Sosai’s days. It will never happen people, stop being hypocrite. Funny thing is that usually it is the ones that changed organization at least one time that are asking for this stupidity.
When I was younger reading Nietzsche’s “Der Wille zur Macht” (Will of power) I was always assuming this is an exaggeration. It can’t be like that, people are more intelligent, kind, more idealistic. Now, I know for sure not only that the main force that drives humanity is the will of power, but I think that not even Nietzsche could imagine how far this has gone.
The will of power is the main reason that we will never ever have one Kyokushin. My prediction is that instead of this we will have many more organizations in the future. When Sosai was alive it was like this: you want to do Kyokushin, real Kyokushin? You are part of Sosai organization. No one dared to challenge that (of course, we have the exceptions of Steve Arneil and Shigeru Oyama, who were banned by Sosai, but thay had more like a dojo or two, not a real organization).
After Sosai passed away what happened? We had such a nice legacy, the odds were good. Will of power happened. Who started the split? The ones that had the most power at that time, Sosai’s best students. The split started from the birthplace of Kyokushin, from Japan. First in two, than three, than, exactly like a tree, in many more organizations. Yes, yes, I know, if you ask, reasons are always that the other guy is not good enough, that he is a dictator, etc, but real reason is will of power. It is much better to be a big boss in a little organization than to be “nobody” in a big organization. Truth is painful, I know, and it will piss people off, but this are facts.
In the past people had problems the same like today, but you had nowhere to go. What could you do? But now, someone is pissing you off? Bye-bye! Not only that other organizations welcome you, but you are treated usually like a king: here, have one more degree, here, you are branch-chief. Is it something else that you want?
I would have never written this, but I am sick of people shouting “One Kyokushin”. Accept the truth and embrace it. People love power and they will never give up what they gained (degrees, status) in order to be united. Instead we should be happy that we have the opportunity to train Kyokushin in our dojo, no matter what organization we are, and this is the greatest legacy. The rest is bullshit! Osu!
Harris Wallmen